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Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi in the Media

Title Publication Date
What Hamas Called Its Female Captives, and Why It Matters The Atlantic May 25, 2024
Will Germany betray Yazidi genocide victims? The Cradle May 17, 2024
The Anti-Bibi Protestor who became Israel's Spokesperson The Atlantic May 10, 2024
From Tajikistan to Moscow and Iran: Mapping the Local and Transnational Threat of Islamic State Khorasan CTC Sentinel May 2024
Lessons from Gaza's Most Vulnerable: Understanding Civilian Protection in Wartime War on the Rocks April 15, 2024
Clerics in the Congo: Understanding the Ideology of the Islamic State in Central Africa Hudson Institute April 11, 2024
The Moscow Terrorist Attack: Pro-Islamic State Narratives and their Wider Implications GNET April 3, 2024
The State of al-Qa'ida Central CTC Sentinel April 2024
ISIS Redux: Exploring Wilayat Khorasan, their conflict with Russia, and the prospect of new terrorist attacks The Insider March 30, 2024
ISIS Strikes Moscow Crisis Group March 26, 2024
An Escalatory Game for Fools and Madmen Antiwar March 26, 2024
Interview: Moscow Attacks SRF March 25, 2024
Islamic State 'recruiting from Tajikistan and other central Asian countries' The Guardian March 24, 2024
Conspiracy Theories About the Moscow Attack Are Unnecessary The Atlantic March 23, 2024
Why would Islamic State attack Russia and what does this mean for the terrorism threat globally? The Conversation March 23, 2024
What is ISIS-K, the militant group that claimed responsibility for the Moscow concert hall attack? Firstpost March 23, 2024
Russia says 60 dead, 145 injured in concert hall raid; Islamic State group claims responsibility Associated Press March 22, 2024
Jizya: The Return of Muslim Extortion The Stream March 11, 2024
Armed groups, states and families: accounting for the dead as an element of humane treatment Citizenship Studies March 4, 2024
"Framing" contentious activism: a sociological analysis of Boko Haram's ideology, through its discourse (2008 – 2016) Critical Studies on Terrorism March 1, 2024
Is the Islamic State's Leadership Moving to Africa? Modern War Institute February 16, 2024
Iranian-Backed Group Announces 'Suspension' of Attacks Against US Townhall January 31, 2024
Terrorist Group Responsible for Killing American Soldiers 'Suspends' Operations Against the US RedState January 30, 2024
Monotheism and Struggle: The Story of the Iraqi Insurgency Cosmonaut Magazine January 29, 2024
Hamas eyes post-war role in Palestinian politics AFP January 25, 2024
'We Have to Kill Those Who Preach Christianity': The Persecution of Christians, December 2023 (Christmas Edition) Gatestone Institute January 21, 2024
Yemen strikes threaten to ignite tinderbox Middle East with region on verge of vast war amid Gaza crisis & Iran threat The Sun January 12, 2024
ISIS attacks Iran: Is the terror group exploiting Gaza war chaos? The National News January 9, 2024
ISIS gearing up for blood-soaked comeback amid Gaza conflict Natural News January 8, 2024
From Non-Violent to Violent Radicalization and Vice Versa: Three Case Studies from Indonesia Studies in Conflict and Terrorism January 8, 2024
Fears of ISIS comeback after mass bombing Daily Telegraph (Australia) January 6, 2024
Death Cult's Return The Sun January 5, 2024
Islamic State attempts a comeback Reuters January 5, 2024
Will Iran retaliate after Wednesday's bombings in Kerman? al-Jazeera January 4, 2024
Inside the Hamas media operation Unherd December 15, 2023
US 'self-defence' airstrike kills five pro-Iran militants in northern Iraq The New Arab December 4, 2023
Turkey's Syrian Mercenaries in Azerbaijan: A Chronicle EVN Report November 9, 2023
"Shabiha Forever" Harmoon Centre November 2023
Proliferation of Iranian missile technology in the Middle East FOI November 2023
Islamic State Mozambique (ISM) ACLED October 30, 2023
Slain Hamas militants' body camera videos show the preparation and tactics behind their attack on Israel CNN October 26, 2023
Ban Hizb ut-Tahrir The Critic October 24, 2023
Israel-Hamas war: Isaac Herzog documents under scrutiny Sky News October 23, 2023
Documents Found on Fighters Reveal Hamas Capabilities, Bloody Plans Washington Post October 21, 2023
Pro-Islamic State Supporters' Responses to the Israel-Hamas Conflict GNET October 19, 2023
Muslims break the cross American Thinker September 22, 2023
The Islamic State's Shadow Governance in Eastern Syria Since the Fall of Baghuz CTC Sentinel September 20, 2023
An Israeli role in Syria's Suwayda protests The Cradle September 18, 2023
The Global Jihadi War against Christians: Religious and Strategic Roots Hungarian Conservative September 18, 2023
Revolt Halted, but US-Backed Forces Still Face Challenges in Eastern Syria Voice of America September 7, 2023
​​Syria: SDF fights rival Arab tribes for control of Deir Ezzor Middle East Eye September 5, 2023
Interview: Clashes between the SDF and Syrian tribal fighters al-Jazeera September 3, 2023
Trivializing Terrorists: How Counterterrorism Knowledge Undermines Local Resistance to Terrorism Security Studies September 2023
Death of journalist in Syria's Deraa puts spotlight on simmering unrest The National News August 11, 2023
The General Directorate of Provinces: Managing the Islamic State's Global Network CTC Sentinel July 2023
Today in History: Christian Spain Breaks the 'Cruel Sword of the Sons of Hagar' Raymond Ibrahim June 14, 2023
Blinken warns war against ISIS is not over The National News June 8, 2023
Where does ISIS have a presence now? Group's reign of terror wanes in Middle East The National News June 8, 2023
Low-Resource Domain Adaptation for Jihadi Discourse Uppsala University June 2, 2023
Humanitarian Health Responses in Urban Conflict Zones Daedalus June 1, 2023
Boko Haram's Child Soldiers: Media Mujahids, Martyrs, and Militants Terrorism and Political Violence May 22, 2023
Ashab al-Kahf Retrospectively Claim Six Year-Old Unsolved Murder of U.S. Soldier Washington Institute for Near East Policy May 18, 2023
The Significance of ISIS's State Building in Syria Middle East Policy May 10, 2023
Countering Violent Nonstate Actor Financing RAND Corporation May 2023
Statebuilding beyond the West: Exploring Islamic State's strategic narrative of governance and statebuilding European Journal of International Security April 25, 2023
Ashab al-Kahf Makes Anti-Air Threats Against U.S. Helicopters Washington Institute for Near East Policy April 25, 2023
The Long-Term Economic Legacies of Rebel Rule in Civil War: Micro Evidence From Colombia Journal of Conflict Resolution April 20, 2023
"I prefer to die at home but with dignity" Elsevier Public Health Emergency Collection April 18, 2023
Citizenship, Family Law, and the Repatriation of Islamic State Affiliates in MENA Terrorism and Political Violence April 13, 2023
Salafi-Jihadi Movement Weekly Update, April 12, 2023 Critical Threats April 12, 2023
The Case of Najma Saʿīd Ismāʿīl: A 'Proof of Ownership' Document Issued by the Islamic State (2016) Trasis Blog April 10, 2023
US strike kills ISIS leader in north-west Syria The National News April 4, 2023
Militias Try to Conceal Iraqi Role in Lethal Strike on American Base Washington Institute for Near East Policy April 3, 2023
The Pro-Iranian Militias in Syria Meir Amit Intelligence Center March 29, 2023
Competitive Control? 'Hearts and Minds' and the Population Control Strategy of the Islamic State West Africa Province African Security March 29, 2023
America Exchanges Fire With Iran's Syrian Deep State Wall Street Journal March 28, 2023
The Hazimiyah current of the Islamic State: from religious discourse to extremist ideology Politics, Religion and Ideology March 27, 2023
Containing Transnational Jihadists in Syria's North West Crisis Group March 7, 2023
Book review article: The missing Islamic dimension of 'The War on the West' Affinity March 2023
Boko Haram-ISWAP and the Growing Footprint of Islamic State (IS) in Africa Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses March 2023
Jihadi 'Counterterrorism:' Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Versus the Islamic State CTC Sentinel February 27, 2023
Weaponising words: how IS constructs reality using Nasheed as a multi-purpose propaganda tool Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression February 9, 2023
Repeating the Past or Following Precedent? Contextualising the Taliban 2.0's Governance of Women ICCT January 2023
Two Governments in Libya Fanack December 12, 2022
Terrorist Resources, Proclivity for Attacks, and an Effective Counterterrorism Framework ORF Online December 12, 2022
Baghdadi was the most successful ISIS leader Al-Balad December 3, 2022
Islamic State names new leader after Quraishi blew himself up when surrounded -sources Reuters December 1, 2022
Syria Insight: IS-rebel battle highlights Daraa's growing insecurity The New Arab November 30, 2022
The Islamic State's tribal policies in Syria and Iraq Third World Thematics November 23, 2022
Istanbul attack: Turkey announces new offensives in Syria and Iraq against Kurdish groups The National November 15, 2022
Education under totalitarian regimes: The case of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Prospects November 14, 2022
Turkey confronts al-Qaeda splinter HTS in northern Syria Atalayar November 6, 2022
Qatar: Friend or Frenemy? Policy Exchange November 2022
Rebel governance during COVID-19 UNU-Wider November 2022
Is Turkey backing a former al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria? Jerusalem Post October 28, 2022
Kurdistan's Gas Exports: Reality or Mirage? Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington October 17, 2022
Why has Raqqa been ignored? Al-Jazeera October 17, 2022
Crusader Hirelings or Loyal Subjects? Evolving Jihadist Perspectives on Christian Minorities in the Middle East Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations September 23, 2022
From Tiger Forces to the 16th Brigade: Russia's evolving Syrian proxies Middle East Institute September 12, 2022
Digital Bridge: Android antitrust — ITU's Game of Thrones — Adieu, digital tax man Politico September 8, 2022
Jawlani's "State of the Union" Jihadica August 29, 2022
Rebel governance: a vibrant field of research Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft August 18, 2022
Suicide attack thwarted as Iraqi Shiites celebrate Ashura Al-Monitor August 10, 2022
Will Al-Zawahiri's Killing Have Impact on Al-Qaida Affiliates in Syria? Voice of America August 2, 2022
The Death of Ayman al-Zawahiri: Succession Challenges, Tradeoffs, and Other Implications CTC Sentinel August 2022
The terrorists amongst us: How terror groups use digital spaces to become more effective Minute Mirror July 27, 2022
Verbum Vincet. War rhetoric in Rwanda, Syria and Ukraine Institut Erga July 22, 2022
'Unbearable Living Conditions' Amnesty International July 5, 2022
The Dom and African Palestinians Jerusalem Quarterly June 2022
Iraq: Stabilising the Contested District of Sinjar Crisis Group May 31, 2022
Syria: Ruling over Aleppo's Ruins Crisis Group May 9, 2022
The Age of Political Jihadism: A Study of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Washington Institute for Near East Policy May 9, 2022
Some New Evidence Documenting the Involvement of Da'esh in Syria with the Illicit Trade in Antiquities Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies May 1, 2022
Tribal mobilisation during the Syrian civil war: the case of al-Baqqer brigade Small Wars and Insurgencies April 25, 2022
Redefining Global Jihad and Its Termination: The Subjugation of al-Qaeda by Its Former Franchise in Syria Studies in Conflict and Terrorism April 17, 2022
The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains Hadtudományi Szemle April 2022
Iran Entangled CTC West Point April 2022
Who is Katibat al-Tawhid wa-l-Jihad? Syrians for Truth and Justice April 2022
After Shekau: Confronting Jihadists in Nigeria's North East Crisis Group March 29, 2022
Syria: Bashar al-Assad on Why Education Sri Lanka Guardian March 18, 2022
Violent Islamist Movements Rejoice in Ukraine's 'Crusader War AFP March 16, 2022
Islamic State group names new leader, confirms death of predecessor AFP March 10, 2022
Islam is the only winner in this European tragedy - and it knows it Israel National News March 9, 2022
Russia-Ukraine war: How Putin is using lessons learned in Syria Middle East Eye March 1, 2022
Anticipating Trouble in the Event of a US Withdrawal from Syria Atlantic Council March 2022
Under the Hood – Learning and Innovation in the Islamic State's Suicide Vehicle Industry Studies in Conflict and Terrorism February 24, 2022
Beyond Greed: Why Armed Groups Tax Studies in Conflict and Terrorism February 20, 2022
Resisting Radical Rebels: Variations in Islamist Rebel Governance and the Occurrence of Civil Resistance Terrorism and Political Violence February 15, 2022
January Events in Kazakhstan Were Terrorist Attacks, International Experts Say Astana Times February 15, 2022
ISIS influence waning as group searches for new leader The National February 9, 2022
ISIS Loses Its Leader, But the Group Lives On The Caravan (Hoover Institution) February 7, 2022
Islamic State leader killed in US raid – where does this leave the terrorist group? Asian Spectator February 4, 2022
U.S. Strike on Leader Further Sidelines ISIS The Century Foundation February 4, 2022
A Kurdish al-Qaida? Making Sense of the Ansar al-Islam Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan in the Early 2000s MDPI February 2022
Counterterrorism and the risk of over-classification of situations of violence International Review of the Red Cross February 2022
A foiled prison break brings a sense of deja vu — and fears of an Islamic State resurgence Los Angeles Times January 26, 2022
ISIS prison break crisis in Syria: is the terror group rebuilding? The National January 25, 2022
Islamic State group's Syria prison attack: a turning point? AFP January 24, 2022
Interview on al-Jazeera about Ghweyran Prison Battles Al-Jazeera English January 23, 2022
Disaggregating Slavery and the and the Slave Trade FIU Law Review January 2022
The bombing of a bus in central Damascus The Syrian Archive December 23, 2021
Soldiers of End-Times Washington Institute for Near East Policy December 21, 2021
Casting Shadow: Founders and the Unique Challenges of a Terrorist Group's First Leadership Change Studies in Conflict and Terrorism December 21, 2021
Real or Imagined Consolidation? The Case of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces Studies in Conflict and Terrorism December 19, 2021
State Accompli: The Political Consolidation of the Islamic State Prior to the Caliphate Studies in Conflict and Terrorism December 16, 2021
Forgotten: The Druze of the Levant and the Legacy of the Syrian Civil War The World Mind December 10, 2021
Violent Extremist Innovation: A Cross‑Ideological Analysis ICSR December 2021
Last Words of Abubakar Shekau: A Testament in the Politics of Jihadi Extraversion Sources Journal December 2021
Debates and Controversies over the Legitimacy of "Internet Sources" in Scholarship on Jihadism: The Online Dimension in the Persistence of the "Al-Qaeda Narrative" in Boko Haram Studies Studies in Conflict and Terrorism November 29, 2021
Iraq: Threat to Political Stability After Failed PM Assassination Attempt TRT World November 8, 2021
From Iranian Shi'ization to colonization in Syria to establish Shiʿi territorial contiguity Middle Eastern Studies November 2, 2021
Ramifications of the Assassination Attempt against Al-Kadhimi Trends Research November 2021
The Arc of Jihad": The Ecosystem of Militancy in East, Central and Southern Africa ICSR November 2021
Jihadists' Use and Pursuit of Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Comparative Study of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State's Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Weapons Programs Studies in Conflict and Terrorism October 27, 2021
The Counterterrorism Conundrum: Exploring the Evolution of South Africa's Extremist Networks Hudson Institute October 23, 2021
Counterterrorism and the risk of over-classification of situations of violence International Review of the Red Cross October 15, 2021
Heed the call: the implied freedom of political communication and the terrorism high-risk offenders regime Current Issues in Criminal Justice October 12, 2021
Terrorism Prevention: Conceptual Issues (Definitions, Typologies and Theories) ICCT October 2021
An Examination of India's Policy Response to Foreign Fighters Observer Research Foundation September 30, 2021
Crouching shahid, hidden jihad: mapping the online propaganda campaign of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-affiliated Ebaa News Agency Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression September 29, 2021
The Long Jihad George Washington University Program on Extremism September 22, 2021
Remaining Without Expanding? Examining Jihadist Insurgency in Northeastern Nigeria Hoover September 22, 2021
The Middle East's Jihadists Are Copying the Taliban Model Foreign Policy September 21, 2021
Security experts demand precision amid plan to deploy Tucano planes against terrorists insurgency Punch September 12, 2021
ISIS cannot recover in Iraq unless government loses stability, experts say The National September 10, 2021
Twenty Years After 9/11: The Threat in Africa—The New Epicenter of Global Jihadi Terror CTC Sentinel September 8, 2021
Twenty Years After 9/11: The Fight for Supremacy in Northwest Syria and the Implications for Global Jihad CTC Sentinel September 8, 2021
Massacre without mastermind – A critical look at the investigation into the November 2015 Paris attacks Emmejihad September 7, 2021
Taliban Triumph in Afghanistan and India's Counter-Terrorism Policy against Islamist Extremism in Africa VIF September 6, 2021
Shining Light on the 'Going Dark' Phenomenon Harvard National Security Journal September 3, 2021
Islamic State Under-Reporting in Central Syria: Misdirection, Misinformation, or Miscommunication? Middle East Institute September 2, 2021
Is ISIL-K a challenge for the Taliban? Al-Jazeera English August 30, 2021
Selling terror: a multidimensional analysis of the Islamic State's recruitment propaganda Australian Journal of International Affairs August 27, 2021
The Coming Carnage Between the Taliban and Their Jihadist Rivals Bloomberg August 26, 2021
Al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria, Yemen welcome Taliban victory The Arab Weekly August 20, 2021
Islamic State brand Taliban takeover of Afghanistan a 'US-backed conspiracy The Telegraph August 20, 2021
Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham Issues Statement Celebrating Taliban Victory in Afghanistan Al-Masdar News August 19, 2021
Taliban takeover risks emboldening jihadists worldwide: Analysts AFP August 18, 2021
For the Taliban, a victory. For other jihadis, an inspiration Los Angeles Times August 17, 2021
Taliban to give Al-Qaeda covert, not overt support: analysts AFP August 16, 2021
A Farewell to Firearms? The logic of weapon selection in terrorism: the case of jihadist attacks in Europe Global Change, Peace & Security August 6, 2021
Chechnya's Veteran Fighters Have Their Backs to the Wall Jamestown Foundation August 2, 2021
Thinking Theoretically about the Kurds Middle East Critique July 27, 2021
Inside Story: Should families of foreign ISIL fighters be able to return home? Al-Jazeera English July 18, 2021
Interview about Belgium's Repatriation of Women and Children in Syria Al-Jazeera English July 17, 2021
The COVID-19 Pandemic: Catalyst or Complication for Bioterrorism? Studies in Conflict and Terrorism July 14, 2021
Syria Security Situation EASO July 2021
You Reap What You Sow: The Importance of Agriculture to the Islamic State's Governance Strategy George Washington University Program on Extremism June 28, 2021
Structure of a State: Captured Documents and the Islamic State's Organizational Structure Combating Terrorism Centre (West Point) June 28, 2021
Interview on al-Jazeera about Islamic State in Africa Al-Jazeera English June 28, 2021
Women in the Islamic State: Victimization, Support, Collaboration, and Acquiescence George Washington University Program on Extremism June 24, 2021
Insight 262: Malhama Tactical – The Evolving Role of Jihadist Mercenaries in the Syrian Conflict Middle East Institute (National University of Singapore) June 22, 2021
Translations of Mozarabic texts at Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi Roger Pearse Blog June 16, 2021
Religious Governance in Syria Amid Territorial Fragmentation Carnegie Endowment for International Peace June 7, 2021
Israeli cross-border assistance to Syrians: Creating bonds by giving? Mediterranean Politics June 6, 2021
ISWAP Launches Hearts and Minds Strategy to Counter Nigerian Army Offensive Jamestown Foundation June 5, 2021
Violent Extremism in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from the Rise of Boko Haram Tony Blair Institute for Global Change June 2021
Syria 2021 International Legal Assistance Consortium June 2021
New Info On Zakat Collection, Distribution Throws Light On ISWAP's Revenue Model Human Angle May 28, 2021
Nigeria: Reports of Boko Haram chief wounded in attack by rival group Nigeria Analysis May 21, 2021
Innovating to Survive, a Look at How Extremists Adapt to Counterterrorism Studies in Conflict and Terrorism May 20, 2021
IDF drops leaflets in Syrian Golan after reportedly bombing area Times of Israel May 6, 2021
An Analysis of Islamic State's Gendered Propaganda Targeted Towards Women: From Territorial Control to Insurgency Terrorism and Political Violence May 4, 2021
Al-Hazimiyya: the ideological conflict destroying the Islamic State from within ICCT May 2021
Will the South African Military Intervene in Mozambique? Jamestown Foundation April 23, 2021
Quilliam: Social media react to the closing of British think-tank Middle East Eye April 10, 2021
Is ISIL gaining a foothold in southern Africa? Al-Jazeera English April 9, 2021
The Routinization of the Islamic State's Global Enterprise Hudson Institute April 1, 2021
The Islamic State's Department of Soldiers George Washington University Program on Extremism April 2021
Policing as Rebel Governance: The Islamic State Police George Washington University Program on Extremism April 2021
'A Caliphate That Gathered' Addressing the Challenge of Jihadist Foreign Fighter Hubs Washington Institute for Near East Policy April 2021
The Making of the Kurdish Frontier: Power, Conflict, and Governance in the Iraqi-Syrian Borderlands Carnegie Middle East Center March 30, 2021
Series of Strikes Show Pressures Building on Northwest Syria Aid Response COAR March 29, 2021
The Case of Jihadology and the Securitization of Academia Terrorism and Political Violence March 24, 2021
Daesh and the Power of Media and Message Arab Media & Society March 22, 2021
Weekly Conflict Summary (8 March-14 March) Carter Center March 14, 2021
The Islamic State in Congo George Washington University Program on Extremism March 11, 2021
COVID-19: Inside Indonesia's Islamic State Social Media Network Masyarakat Indonesia March 4, 2021
Lessons from humanitarian access negotiations under counter-terrorism legislation in north-western Syria Centre for Humanitarian Action March 2021
The New Sykes-Picot: Imperial Geographies, Economic Violence and the Occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria Asian Institute of Research February 23, 2021
Officials, Experts Say Islamic State's Economic Spigot Not Dry Yet Voice of America February 19, 2021
Syrian jihadi mounts charm offensive in effort to hang on to power Financial Times February 16, 2021
Syrian government again attempts to incite Arab tribes against SDF Kurdistan 24 February 11, 2021
Syria at the Center of Power Competition and Counterterrorism Washington Institute for Near East Policy February 8, 2021
SDF launches anti-ISIS campaign to avenge killed female politicians Kurdistan 24 February 6, 2021
In Syria's Idlib, Washington's Chance to Reimagine Counter-terrorism Crisis Group February 3, 2021
How Global Jihad Relocalises and Where it Leads. The Case of HTS, the Former AQ Franchise in Syria European University Institute February 3, 2021
Munathamat Badr, from an armed wing to a ruling actor Small Wars and Insurgencies February 1, 2021
Networks of power The Popular Mobilization Forces and the state in Iraq Chatham House February 2021
Al-Qa'ida's Soon-To-Be Third Emir? A Profile of Saif al-'Adl CTC Sentinel February 2021
Boko Haram, the Islamic State, and the Surge in Female Abductions in Southeastern Niger ICCT February 2021
The View From Tehran: Iran's Militia Doctrine Tony Blair Institute for Global Change February 2021
Weekly Conflict Summary Carter Center January 21, 2021
COVID-19 and Conflict in the Middle East Middle East Institute January 21, 2021
Obscure Islamist Group Targets Turkish Military in Northwest Syria VOA News January 17, 2021
Turkish forces come under attack by jihadist group in northwest Syria Al-Masdar News January 17, 2021
Twitter Surges And Twitter Purges MEMRI January 14, 2021
Weekly Conflict Summary The Carter Center January 13, 2021
Sectarianisation in Syria: the disintegration of a popular struggle Conflict, Security and Development January 11, 2021
SDF-linked police killed in clash with ISIS in Syria's al-Hol camp Kurdistan 24 January 9, 2021
At Least 15 Killed after Militants Attack Bus in Syria, Second Road Ambush in a Week AFP January 4, 2021
Jihadi group claims rare attack against Russian base in northeast Syria Kurdistan 24 January 1, 2021
Al-Qaeda affiliate claims bomb attack on Russian base The Telegraph January 1, 2021
Terrorism and Counterterrorism Challenges for the Biden Administration CTC Sentinel January 2021
Ideology matters: cultural power in the case of Daesh British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies December 27, 2020
Three rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone amid heightened tensions in Iraq Kurdistan 24 December 21, 2020
Alternative Political Projects of Territoriality and Governance during the Syrian War: The Caliphate Vs Democratic Confederalism Geopolitics December 17, 2020
My Beloved Brothers in God, This Is An Invitation: The Islamic State's Dawa and Mosques Administration George Washington University Program on Extremism December 15, 2020
Ayman al-Zawahiri and the Challenges of Succession in Terrorist Organizations Terrorism and Political Violence December 10, 2020
No End in Sight for the Conflict in Syria: Who are Winners and Losers? Small Wars Journal December 9, 2020
Al-Qaeda-linked figures visit Turkish-occupied Afrin Medium December 9, 2020
More attacks or more services? Insurgent groups' behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic in Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression December 8, 2020
A Downward Scale Shift? The Case of Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Perspectives on Terrorism December 2020
The Future of the Popular Mobilization Forces After the Assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis FPRI December 2020
Outlasting the Caliphate: The Evolution of the Islamic State Threat in Africa CTC Sentinel November 21, 2020
CIJ Logan Symposium 2020: Investigating Islamism The Centre for Investigative Journalism November 18, 2020
Power Through Strength Carter Center November 6, 2020
Between the Coalition, ISIS, and Assad: Courting the Tribes of Deir ez-Zor Middle East Institute November 3, 2020
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Interview on the Arabic Hour Arabic Hour November 2020
Operation Inherent Resolve: Quarterly Report (July-September 2020) Lead Inspector General November 2020
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Shifting Gears: HTS' Evolving Use of SBVIEDS During the Idlib Offensive of 2019-2020 Middle East Institute October 28, 2020
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Jihadi Insurgency in Mozambique Grows in Sophistication and Reach CTC Sentinel October 22, 2020
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Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula: A Never-Ending Conflict ISPI September 24, 2020
Fuel shortage, bread crisis signal state failure in Syria COAR September 21, 2020
The al-Mawla TIRs: An Analytical Discussion with Cole Bunzel, Haroro Ingram, Gina Ligon, and Craig Whiteside CTC Sentinel September 18, 2020
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Islamic State operative planning 'sensational' attack nabbed in Istanbul Al-Monitor August 25, 2020
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Chronicling the Boko Haram Decade in Nigeria (2010-2020): distinguishing factions through videographic analysis Small Wars and Insurgencies August 7, 2020
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Telegram's anti-IS Campaign: Effectiveness, Perspectives, and Policy Suggestions GNET July 30, 2020
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US-Backed Forces Renew Campaign Against IS Remnants in Eastern Syria Voice of America July 20, 2020
Covid-19, jihadism and the challenge of a pandemic Fondation pour la recherche stratégique July 20, 2020
Into the heart of Jihadism Tam Hussein July 19, 2020
Iraq: Issues in the 116th Congress Congressional Research July 17, 2020
Unity, Segregation, and Obedience: Islamic State's Use of Quranic Verses and How It Relates to State-Building Studies in Conflict and Terrorism July 16, 2020
How Southern Syria Has Been Transformed Into a Regional Powder Keg Carnegie Middle East Center July 14, 2020
'ISIS' warns SA: Steer clear of Mozambique conflict News 24 July 7, 2020
Cabo Ligado Weekly ACLED July 7, 2020
Was 'IS' trying to sell €1 billion worth of drugs in Europe? DW July 7, 2020
Extremism in the time of COVID-19 Bussola Institute July 2020
A View from the CT Foxhole: Chris Costa, Former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Counterterrorism CTC Sentinel July 2020
Crafting Strategy for Irregular Warfare NDU Press July 2020
The Islamic State's Ideology: History of a Rift George Washington University Program on Extremism June 29, 2020
Missing in Action: The International Crime of the Slave Trade Journal of International Criminal Justice June 29, 2020
Powerful Islamist Group Intensifies Crackdown on Jihadists in Syria's Idlib VOA June 28, 2020
Infighting between extremist opposition groups reveals tension with HTS rule in Idlib Syria Direct June 25, 2020
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on terrorism, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism UN Security Council: Counter-Terrorism Committee June 25, 2020
From Cooperation to Competition: Localization, Militarization and Rebel Co-Governance Arrangements in Syria Studies in Conflict and Terrorism June 22, 2020
New York Times public editor: the Times corrects factual errors. What about bigger controversies? Columbia Journalism Review June 22, 2020
Jihadists in Syria's Idlib Form New 'Operations Room' Voice of America June 15, 2020
PMF's containment, demobilisation in Iraq 'a long way off': analyst Rudaw June 12, 2020
State atrophy and the reconfiguration of borderlands in Syria and Iraq: Post-2011 dynamics Political Geography June 11, 2020
Several cities in Syria move to adopt Turkish lira TRT World June 11, 2020
Articles of the Week - 5/30-6/5 Jihadology June 5, 2020
Islamic State Calls Chaos From Protests And Pandemic A 'Blessing' Daily Caller June 5, 2020
The Escalating Terrorism Problem in the United States CSIS June 2020
Pandemic Narratives: Pro-Islamic State Media and the Coronavirus CTC Sentinel June 2020
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Syrian Civil War Fighters Include Ex-Guantanamo Detainees, Video Shows Reason.com September 18, 2013
The Al-Nusra Front The Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center (Israel) September 17, 2013
Al-Qaeda leader calls for attacks to 'bleed' US economically Al-Jazeera (America) September 14, 2013
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How Assad Wooed the American Right, and Won the Syria Propaganda War Foreign Policy September 10, 2013
Making Sense of the Syrian Rebels' Order of Battle Foreign Policy September 6, 2013
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US-led Syria strikes loom: 'murky' claims to war NDTV (New Delhi Television, India) August 29, 2013
Lebanon Unlikely to Become Another Iraq The Daily Star (Lebanon) August 27, 2013
The Middle East made simple...or maybe not Financial Times August 26, 2013
Syrian refugees flood Iraqi border The Globe and Mail (Canada) August 19, 2013
Presence of al Qaida-linked groups in northern Syria complicates rebellion McClatchy August 19, 2013
Al-Qaeda faction in Syria hands out Teletubbies and Spiderman dolls The Washington Post August 13, 2013
Barzani Calls Assyrian Massacre Victims 'Kurds' Assyrian International News Agency August 12, 2013
Turkey's Syrian Kurdish Gamble: A Double Edged Sword Al-Monitor August 11, 2013
Kurdish Civilians Fear Reprisals in Northern Syria Al-Monitor August 6, 2013
Al-Qaeda Shows Its True Colors in Syria Institute for the Study of War August 1, 2013
Iraq Attacks 'Disturbing,' Britain Says United Press International (UPI) July 24, 2013
Iraq jailbreak highlights al-Qaeda affiliate's ascendancy The Washington Post July 22, 2013
Analysis: War Within Wars in Syria The Jerusalem Post July 18, 2013
Syrian Kurds Clash with Islamists, Prepare for Autonomy Israel National News July 17, 2013
Clashes Re-Erupt in Syria Between Al-Qaeda, Kurds Al-Monitor July 16, 2013
We have no beef with Israel, Syrian rebel group says The Times of Israel July 1, 2013
American who allegedly fought with al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria indicted Fox News June 20, 2013
Watching Syria's War: Suicide Bomb Shakes Aleppo New York Times June 20, 2013
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Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Mosul, Wounds Advisor on Christian Affairs Assyrian International News Agency May 10, 2013
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