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The Life of Osama Hamad al-Matni of Faz'at Fakhr in Suwayda'
Mar 21, 2023

"In Loving Memory of the Shuhada"- Stories of Islamic State Male and Female 'Martyrs'
Mar 16, 2023

viginti annis laboris in tromocratia impedienda et securitate expletis, femina Americana de mentis salute in labore monet
Mar 14, 2023

The Village of Dudyan in Aleppo: Interview
Mar 14, 2023

"Jewish Christians" and Mu'awiya: A Story from Adomnán
Mar 13, 2023

The Chronicle of Victor of Tunnuna: Translation and Overview
Feb 22, 2023

Relief Efforts in the Aftermath of the Syria Earthquake: Interview
Feb 11, 2023

Islamic State Infographic on the Turkey-Syria Earthquake
Feb 10, 2023

An Account of the Islamic State's 'Offices' for Geographic Regions and Internal Disagreements
Feb 7, 2023

The Impact of the Recent Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Interview
Feb 7, 2023

A Short Chronicle of Vandal Kings of Africa: Translation and Overview
Feb 6, 2023

"Kill the Jews": Islamic State Editorial
Feb 3, 2023

The Chronicle of Hydatius: Translation and Overview
Feb 2, 2023

The Islamic State's Account of the Life of Omar al-Shishani
Jan 28, 2023

Islamic State Report on Operations in Southern Syria: Translation and Overview
Jan 20, 2023

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